Are you using the right method to learn Spanish?
Find out how to learn Spanish x3 times faster
Are you using the right method to learn Spanish?
Find out how to learn Spanish x3 times faster


Let’s be honest. The traditional Spanish courses don’t work.

People spend hundreds of hours and hundreds of dollars trying to learn Spanish. The results? Sadly, most of them can’t speak Spanish. This creates a lot of frustation.

As a teacher, I’ve seen that in hundreds of students. There is a simple explanation to this situation: It is not you, it is the method.

Traditional Spanish learning systems are mainly focused on boring exercises, memorizing useless grammar rules and passing exams.

This approach doesn’t help you at all to speak and get a natural intuition of how to use the language. Instead of analyzing the language, you definitely need a method that helps you to “feel” the language, like natives do.

I applied the best and proven techniques to create Unlimited Spanish. Now, thousands of satisfied students can now speak fluently! Let me help you to speak Spanish once and for all.

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Are you using the right method to learn Spanish?
Find out how to learn Spanish x3 times faster
Are you using the right method to learn Spanish?
Find out how to learn Spanish x3 times faster


Dale Blaglove, New York.

unnamed (8)“Unlimited Spanish is awesome. I has helped me maintain my Spanish which continues to get better with each lesson. The stories definitely grab my interest and makes me look forward for the next lesson. The stories make learning fun and they are easily transferable to everyday conversations.”

Julia from Italy

Julia“I’ve never studied Spanish before, I tried twice but then I gave up because the courses were too boring and I felt I wasn’t improving. I’ve tried Unlimited-Spanish lessons thinking it would be nice to learn Spanish. So, Oscar, I downloaded your lessons and I stated listening to them every day and I think that your lessons are: clear,interesting,incisive, adaptable and complete. I’m learning Spanish fast and I’m enjoying it so much! What to say: THANK YOU OSCAR for creating such a great course!” Julia, Italy

Samantha Saw's from Malaysia

“I never believed learning a foreign language could be so effortless and so much fun! Believe it or not, Unlimited Spanish is totally not like what I expected when it comes to learning language. I only spend some time everyday on my player whenever I am on the move and listen to the audio unloaded from the site. It also comes with the transcripts which makes is perfect for when I needed help for understanding the story. Learning Spanish is never as easy as now with Unlimited Spanish¡ Es divertido!” Samantha Saw, Malaysia

Rozalyn Leslie's -- Writer. Georgia, USA

“One of the things that I like most about the Unlimited Spanish lessons is that all the audio content is in Spanish, so you can begin learning from day one..and there are many hours of audio! All the audio comes with full transcription in Spanish and English. Another thing I like is the sound quality. The voice on the recording is very clear and easy to understand. This is important because I am a beginner in Spanish. I think it’s the best course I’ve used so far!” Rozalyn Leslie, Writer. Georgia, USA

Matt Johnson's from Florida, USA

Matt“Unlimited Spanish provided me with the rich content I needed in order to automate my grammar without studying useless rules, consolidate my active vocabulary, enabling me to have richer conversations, and improve my listening comprehension, which is so important when learning a language. It is exactly what a language-learning method should be: fun, natural, and effective. Check it out and see for yourself! ¡Buena suerte!” Matt Johnson. Florida, USA — Telesales professional


Video 1: How to accumulate vocabulary?

pillar1_517137af1c409e11024f215286009753A key process in learning a language is how we acquire vocabulary. The more words you understand in Spanish, the better you’ll read, listen, write and speak in Spanish. There is a key idea that I want you to keep in mind […]

Video 3: How to learn deeply?

pillar3_6309e681023cb4523a48fa30c7ec0087In many language schools they try to cover as much material as possible. This way the students learn superficially, so they don’t consolidate what they learn. How can you avoid this? How can you learn Spanish deeply? Here’s a vital approach that will save you a lot of time […]

Video 5: How to become (and stay) motivated?

pillar5_4bcb7e7cf3756765f08dc8ab58a6c074As you know, part of the process on learning a new language is the ability to keep ourself motivated. Being consistent is very important when it comes to learning a new language. In this video I will show you a very effective way to stay motivated […]

Video 2: How to learn grammar?

pillar2_de2d0fd4a657222f0044068553a4f731In this video I will show you a powerful technique for effortlessly learning grammar structures. But first…what is grammar? In short, grammar is a set of complicated grammar rules that explains how to use a language. Here’s what you need to to in order to learn intuitively […]

Video 4: How to speak automatically?

pillar4_990b8490728f1f49c3f46c133e84efaeIn this video I will talk about how to speak Spanish automatically, and about a fantastic technique called Question & Answer mini story that helps to achieve it. What I mean by automatic speaking is that you don’t translate in your mind […]

Are you using the right method to learn Spanish?
Find out how to learn Spanish x3 times faster
Are you using the right method to learn Spanish?
Find out how to learn Spanish x3 times faster

I’m Òscar, creator of Unlimited Spanish System.
I help people to *speak* Spanish.

I emphasize the word *speak* because I believe that you don’t really know a language until you are able to speak it, and if you speak Spanish, you can communicate with other people from many countries!

Some time ago I decided to learn my first foreign language: English.
At first, I followed the (wrong) traditional methods …and it ended up being a complete disaster!

I very often got stuck in the middle of basic sentences, making silly mistakes, and not understanding the other person.

However, I changed the approach, and everything started to improve, learning a foreign language quickly, effortlessly and effectively.

In less than six months I could speak quite fluently almost without translating in my mind.

I learned this important lesson:

It was not me. It was the method I was using.


Everywhere you look, there are economic interests, even in the language-learning industry, of course.

A lot of people try learning Spanish by spending a lot of money, effort, and time (normally years).

I know people who have spent thousands of dollars trying to learn Spanish.

This situation may be very good for the language-learning industry, but not for students.

Thanks to having learned English, I became a Spanish tutor, acquiring ample experience with many students.

This experience, together with research on the best existing methods (input approach, TPRS, etc.) have made it really clear to me how a student can best learn Spanish.

There is no magic formula, but solid, proven strategies which allow for faster results.

I have also been a student and I know how it feels when you don’t meet your goals.

Therefore I have created Unlimited Spanish, in order to help students just like you, to learn to speak Spanish efficiently, and of course, while having fun.

I strongly believe that I can offer you the best system to learn Spanish.

Please feel free to sign up for my newsletter and the free ‘5 Pillars for Learning Spanish’ mini-course. You will also get free lessons from the program.